Local Support Available for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

Long-awaited help for child survivors of sexual abuse is now available in the community.

Heroes Landing, a child advocacy center, opened a facility in Zanesville this month aimed at helping children who have been abused find resources to move forward, like mental health services. The nonprofit, which is funded through grants and donations, serves children who live in Muskingum County.

Previously there were no services available like this in the community. Families had to travel an hour to gain access to such services for their children.

The center strips away hurdles from families trying to overcome trauma, particularly those who are of lower income, according to Heroes Landing Executive Director Evonne Saunders.

"We’re taking away the ask of a parent or caregiver taking time of work, using resources such as time or finances, to bring this child (these services)," Saunders said.

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