Heroes Landing™ Children’s Justice Center Receives New Funding for Mental Health Services

Heroes Landing™ Children’s Justice Center Receives New Funding for Mental Health Services

ZANESVILLE, Ohio—Heroes Landing™ Children’s Justice Center recently received $282,098 in state funding. In line with their mission to provide advocacy, justice and care for child sexual abuse survivors, Heroes Landing™ will utilize these funds to provide much-needed mental health services at their central location on 1041 Beverly Avenue in Zanesville.

Last Friday, Governor Mike DeWine awarded more than $20 million in grants to over 39 community-based programs working to prevent violence and support crime victims, which included Heroes Landing™. Executive Director Evonne Saunders said, “We're grateful the Governor's office recognized the opportunity to fund Heroes Landing's request to expand our mental health services. The support of our state government is critical to what we do.”

With these newly awarded funds, Heroes Landing™ hopes to increase daily access to mental health treatment at their facility. The vision is to connect victims and their families with high-quality, tailored services that promote healing and support other critical needs, such as medical care. Next steps are to hire a full-time mental health professional, as well as provide more training opportunities for their multidisciplinary team.  

According to the National Standards for Accreditation for Children’s Advocacy Centers, children who experience trauma and do not receive therapeutic intervention may suffer ongoing or long-term adverse social, emotional and developmental outcomes. A lack of mental health resources can also cause delays in accessing critical details needed to prosecute perpetrators. Saunders shared, “We want to make sure survivors feel safe and that they have the resources they need to take that first step toward healing. Mental health services make up a big part of that experience.”

Heroes Landing™ serves all of Muskingum County and receives cases by referral from law enforcement and child protective services. They have served over 132 children since opening last May. They are a developing member of the Ohio Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers and are working toward national accreditation. 

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If you or someone you know has been affected by abuse, you can get help now by contacting one of the following resources: 

Report Child Abuse

 Muskingum County Children Services



Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office

 Zanesville Police Department


About Heroes Landing™ Children’s Justice Center:


Founded in 2021, Heroes Landing™ Children’s Justice seeks to empower child abuse survivors by providing multidisciplinary evaluations and coordinating advocacy and care at a child-friendly facility. At a CJC, a child tells their story once to a trained interviewer and then is connected to a wide variety of services, including therapy. A CJC model lends to higher rates of coordinated investigations, forensic medical exams and felony prosecutions. Heroes Landing™, a Malouf Foundation™ initiative, is the first children’s justice center to serve Muskingum County, Ohio and is designed to be a national model for survivor advocacy programs. Heroes Landing™ is a developing member of the Ohio Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers and is working toward national accreditation. For more information or to donate, visit or email


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Evonne Saunders 

Executive Director, Heroes Landing™