Dancing Divas Announced Their Celebrities for the 2023 Season

February 11, 2023


ZANESVILLE, OH – Many joined The Dancing Divas tonight for an evening of dancing.

The Dancing Divas in Zanesville celebrated Valentine’s Day with dinner and dancing. They announced the celebrities for the 2023 Dancing Divas competition. The 8 celebrities for the 11th Season of Dancing with the Divas are Bill Bird, April Gibson, Cedric Harris, Mike King, Bill Shaw, Jamie Trout, Brian Wagner, and Becky Weir. Each celebrity has chosen a different charity to raise money for. 

“I love that we as a group had the opportunity to help other people raise money for charities. We’re not just raising money for our own organization, The Dancing Divas, we are a 501C3. But we’re providing an opportunity for people to raise money for other charities in the community.” Artistic Director of The Dancing Divas, Trudy Cultice stated.

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