Child Justice Center Opens in Muskingum Co.

Muskingum County now has a children’s justice center that seeks to empower child abuse survivors and help them find a road to healing.

Heroes Landing opened in Zanesville earlier this month. The non-profit’s intention is to provide a space where a child won’t feel scared to share their abuse story.

“The intention is that the child will feel not intimidated. That they will feel welcome that they will feel safe, comfortable sharing the trauma that they’ve been through, that it’s not clinical, that it’s not scary and that is the intent of having it in the facility that we are in now,” said Executive Director of Heroes Landing Evonne Saunders.

Children are referred to Heroes Landing by CPS or Law Enforcement. When they come in they meet with a trained forensic interviewer an then a decision is made on the next steps to help the child.

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